Born and schooled in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Michael Galovic is a graduate from the Belgrade Academy of Arts in 1974.

He began absorbing the ancient Tradition of iconography as a child, while watching his stepfather restoring frescoes and icons in Serbian churches and monasteries; he commenced painting icons in his late teens parallely with his studies at the Academy.

Eager to see the world, after the graduation Michael has travelled extensively and lived in the Middle East, Spain and Africa, trying himself in areas other than art and absorbing the contrasting richness and beauty of different cultures.

Early in 1990 Australia has become his new home. Since his arrival Michael has held many solo shows of his icons and contemporary artwork throughout Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Daylesford, Fremantle, Gosford, Inverell, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

His one man shows overseas have been in Lima, Peru; Taos, New Mexico, USA (twice); Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, New Zealand (several times and became almost regular with exhibitions every two years); London (twice), Eccles (Manchester), United Kingdom; Belgrade, Serbia, Seoul, Republic of South Korea; Reykjavik, Iceland; Noumea, New Caledonia.

Michael’s group exhibitions include Windows on Eternity in 1992, the Blake Prize for Religious Art In 1993 and 2004, the Mary MacKillop Art Award in 1995 and the Laughing and Loving Jesus in 2005.

Today, Michael Galovic engages himself in a few parallel directions: traditional icons, contemporary religious and non religious art. He keeps revisiting the theme he graduated with: The Flight and Fall of Icarus as well as the Crucifixion theme, but has been particularly focused lately on building a body of work on Uluru, the sacred Rock in the Northern Teritory of Australia. In September 2006, a quality hardcover artbook and deluxe leatherbound edition, ICONS + ART: Michael Galovic, was published by Honeysett Press featuring Michael’s work from 1990 to 2006 in Australia. (See Reproductions for more details).

After many years of both teaching and art making, Michael is now devoted solely to his art practice in his studio/gallery on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Rev. Rod Pattenden, a graduate artist, a Co-ordinator of the Institute for Theology and Arts and the Chairman of the Blake Society for Religious Art, said of Michael’s work:

“Michael Galovic offers a unique contribution to contemporary Australian Art having trained both in modern art and traditional painting in Europe. Since his arrival in Australia he has developed an impressive body of work that includes commissions for churches and private collections as well as work that seeks to bring together the Australian landscape and religious and personal identity… Michael Galovic is a careful student of tradition while exhibiting the capacity for artistic innovation and excellence. A considered craftsman and dynamic originator, his vision offers new possibilities for figuring the transcendent contemporary multicultural Australia”.


May 8th - June 8th, Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney.

August 5th - September 3rd, Mary MacKillop Heritage Centre, Melbourne.